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Episode 32: Healing Trauma Through New Perspectives with Sarah Brassard

Oct 31, 2022


Do you constantly stop feeling sorry for yourself because you remember someone else has it worse? Maybe you haven't allowed yourself to identify or address your trauma. When you diminish your trauma, you deprive yourself of healing. Everybody has an opportunity to look at an experience that has impacted them and unpack it and heal through it. In this episode, Sarah Brassard and I dive right into healing trauma from the perspective of combining ancient practices with modern techniques.


Sarah Brassard is the host of the Trauma Recovery Summit, author of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within, and a 30+ year spiritual teacher, trauma worker, and life coach. She runs an online community, a mastermind group, and group coaching programs to help women heal and grow through hardships.


How do we get there? Well, let me show you.


Together we unpack:

  • Sarah's journey to trauma work (1:34)
  • Our tendencies when there is loss or abuse (4:06)
  • Hard vs. soft traumas (7:49)
  • How trauma shows up in the body after a diagnosis (11:56)
  • Addressing self-abandonment after facing trauma (15:57)
  • Taking the first step to remind yourself you are safe (19:10)
  • The upcoming Trauma Recovery Summit (26:07)

Are you ready to navigate your trauma through a new perspective? If you're serious about facing your trauma, reminding yourself you are safe, and stepping off the Gratitude Treadmill, it's time to decide the direction in your life. If anything we said resonates with you, hit me up on the Insta - Let's connect more!


Connect with Sarah Brassard

Summit - Trauma Recovery Summit

Book - Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within




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