Hi! I'm Holly!


I help midlife women discover their comeback story with their health, lives, and careers.


What some people see as failure, I view as the path to success. 

What some people view as rock bottom, I view as the chance to write a new chapter.

And not from a Holly-anna approach (see what I did there) that's all fakey positivity.

I've been through my share of difficult times - being bullied, breast cancer, autoimmune disease, debilitating chronic fatigue, being forced to resign from my dream job, losing my mother, and divorce. Just to name a few. 

Midlife can be messy. Your struggle IS your strength. I want to help you write this new chapter in your life.

I've combined my background in Project Management with mindset and the science of neuroplasticity so that you can experience an entire right-left brain approach to achieve your goals. 


BTW - when we work together, you must know:

➡ I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania.

➡ If we are ever in the car together, I like to sing REALLY loud to 80's songs and totally off-key. 

➡ If you get me laughing, I will snort.

➡ Even though I come across as gregarious, I am an off-the-charts introvert. And if you're into the personality stuff... I'm an INTJ, D/C, and Enneagram Type 1/Perfectionist. (This means, I will get you results, but while I'm wearing my comfy pants).

Your first step... pick what fits best with your organization or personal journey and let's do this TOGETHER!


For the professional woman in midlife who wants to ditch the belly fat without crazy diets or hours in the gym, AND without adding one more thing to your busy schedule.



The podcast for successful women to create their comeback story for their health, lives, and careers. If you're burned out and ready for life to be easier, this podcast is for you!




Optimize your organization so that you can increase employee retention and productivity with happier, healthier employees. Keynote speeches and workshop facilitation are available in person or virtually.


Holly Bertone, PMP, CNHP

Holistic Health Coach & Consultant ~ Keynote Speaker ~ Podcast Host ~ Best Selling Author ~ Pug Mom

Holly Bertone is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Keynote Speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, and Host of Your Comeback Story Podcast.

Holly’s expertise is as a Midlife Comeback Coach for professional women over 40. With her Back to Y.O.U. Method, she helps them recover from burnout by ditching the habits and beliefs holding them back, so they can have consistent and sustainable energy, weight loss, and vitality... without crazy diets, restrictive protocols, and hours in the gym.

Holly spent 20 years in consulting and federal government service, primarily at the FBI, where she was a Chief of Staff for Counterintelligence. After her own experience of breast cancer, healing herself from an autoimmune disease, and creating a no-conflict divorce, she's combined the principles of high-performance and mindset to coach successful women who are burned out, to unleash their comeback story for their health, lives, and careers. 

Holly Bertone is a Certified Project Management Professional, Certified Natural Health Coach, Certified 6 Phase Meditation Facilitator, Certified Holobody Coach, Motivational Keynote Speaker, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, and Host of YOUR COMEBACK STORY PODCAST.

I Believe:


➡ I serve God first, and lead with honesty, integrity, and respect above all else.  

➡ Every day, you should be able to play and have fun.

➡ Every challenge is a GIFT AND A LESSON in disguise.

➡ Every time you hear "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire, you should drop everything and dance.

➡ Midlife is YOUR CHANCE TO COME BACK HOME TO YOU - this is YOUR TIME to discover your comeback story with your health, life, and career.

I BELIEVE IN YOU. And my mission is to help you believe in yourself.

I Also Believe in Midlife Girl Math:


➕ It's not the number on the scale. It's the number of quality moments.

➕ It's not how heavy you can lift (although lifting heavy things is critical). It's who supports you when you are weighed down.

➕ It's not the number of calories. It's the number of hugs and laughs.

➕ It's not how many steps you take, it's who you take them with.


This age brings a lot of changes. Not just with our bodies, but with our lives.

Having a coach and community who gets you and knowing that you aren't alone is one of the biggest midlife flexes that you can have.

Holly has worked with these clients in various capacities...

You deserve YOUR comeback story! 

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