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Episode 39: It's OK to Not be OK. Or is it?

Jan 16, 2023


You’ve probably heard the popular phrase, It’s OK to not be OK. It’s all over social media. Today, we are going to answer the question… is it REALLY ok to not be ok? We are going to explore why and when it's OK to not be OK, and then flip this upside down and figure out if this phrase and philosophy doing you a major disservice.


How do we get there? Well, let me show you.


 Together we unpack:

  • What it means to not be okay (2:04)
  • Experiencing our colorful emotions (3:55)
  • When not being okay becomes detrimental to your health (6:52)
  • Is it okay to not be okay and not doing something about it? (9:37)


Hopefully, you can agree that it is okay to not be okay, and hopefully, you can look inside and realize there's a time and a place when you're not okay, that it is okay to do something about it.

If you are in that place where you aren't okay...   if you are eager to raise your hand and be ready to do whatever it takes, I am here to be your coach, your mentor, and your champion who believes in you until you can believe in yourself. Your next step is to TAKE THIS FUN 2-MINUTE QUIZ and find out how much gratitude and grit you have. 


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