When You are Exhausted, it's Time to Gain Your Energy Back So That You Can Get Through the Tough Times with Ease:


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If you have received a life-altering diagnosis of any kind, chances are that all you want is to feel "normal" again during these challenging times. And that starts with getting your energy back in a different way you probably haven't tried before.

And that's why you are here.  

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➡ The ONE THING that is sapping your energy (that no one wants to admit) AND how to gain it back.

➡ Why your go-to coping tactic may not be working (even though it's what everyone tells you to do) and what to do instead.

➡ 4 key strategies to build mental toughness.

➡ A personalized game plan so that you can start playing to win in life.

➡ Plus so much more!

If you've ever been diagnosed, whether it's cancer, autoimmune, or another type of health challenge, I'm sure you can agree... it's not as simple as taking a pill and everything is fine.

And here's the thing... it's not just the diagnosis - your entire world gets turned upside down - not getting answers you need, doctors being dismissive, strained relationships, a mountain of medical bills... not to mention... trying to keep your life and family as normal as possible while battling fatigue, pain, migraines, and more!

You might be thinking that all you want is your old life back. To be normal again. To go back to the way things used to be. 


Your diagnosis is not your plight. There is hope.


CAN YOU ALREADY BEGIN TO IMAGINE... this ACTUALLY was your opportunity...

... to minimize the physical symptoms that are holding you back.

... to be able to make decisions about your day based on what you want to do rather than what your body says you can or can't do.

... to be free of feeling like your body betrayed you.

... to be free of feeling like you aren't good enough because you can't keep up like you used to be able to.

... to be free of angry and emotional outbursts.

... to be lifted up out of the brain fog.

That's called playing to win. And that's the ethos of the Grateful Warrior.

Well, hey there, sunshine!

My name is Holly Bertone and I'm known as the Coach who turns Grumpy Worriers into Grateful Warriors by giving you the proven framework to get you through the tough times. 

And here is something I know to be true. No one ever asked for their lives to be blindsided by those devastating words, "you have...", RIGHT? And I don’t need to tell you, when you feel exhausted and defeated, you can’t get back to feeling like your old self again.

So the question is… how valuable would it be to actually have hope after everything has been disrupted by this diagnosis, you’ve completely lost control, and your new reality is now drenched in fear and anxiety?

Let me show you how when you register for the Navigating Difficult Times Webinar...


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"I want to use this to positively impact my own heart, my faith, my health, and my family."


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Gratitude + Mindset Coach ~ Podcast Host ~ Best Selling Author

🤗 Hello, my friend! I'm Holly Bertone! I've been given the gift of being a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor. My superhero power is turning Grumpy Worriers into Grateful Warriors... and knowing every lyric to every 80's song ever made (Duran Duran and Culture Club are my FAVES).

After spending 25 years rising through the ranks of consulting and federal government service, my failing health shattered my corporate dreams.

Thankfully, I’m honoring these changes as a gift and found renewed purpose as a Certified Natural Health Coach focusing on Gratitude and Mindset.

I’m the CEO and Founder of Pink Fortitude and Fortitude.Academy and host of the Gratitude Builds Fortitude Podcast, where I help women view their diagnosis as a gift so that they can unwrap their resilience to build fortitude with gratitude. You may have seen me on over 200 TV and radio segments, articles, podcasts, and summits AND... #bucketlist... my book on the #1 spot on Amazon.

In my free time, I love to garden, hit flea markets to find cool vintage dresses, and play with Hannibal, my Pug. 

I'm so excited that you are interested in joining the Navigating Difficult Times Webinar because it shows your desire to take your wellness journey seriously - and make real, lasting changes.  

So let's go! You've got this!

love. hugs. inspire.


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