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Episode 29: Want to Save Money? Practice Gratitude. Here's How to Make it Work for You.

Oct 31, 2022


Do you tend to spend more money when you are stressed? Maybe you spend money as a way to celebrate? This episode is for you if a good stroll down the clearance aisle is your favorite dopamine hit!

Gratitude is one of those words that gets thrown around with not a lot of context behind it. So, when I say that practicing gratitude will help you save money, you might be highly skeptical. Or you might be thinking… yeah, I make a list of what I’m grateful for, but I do not see any difference in my bank account.

That is why I’m excited to dive into this episode - I’m going to share the research and the brain science of why and how this works, plus how to reverse that cycle and use gratitude as your new superpower to start moving your health and your savings account in the right direction.

How did we get here? Well, let me show you.

Together we unpack:

  • Reversing the cycle of disease (2:37)
  • Jumping into the science (5:17)
  • Happiness vs. dopamine hits (7:07)
  • Financial patience from gratitude (9:23)
  • What you CAN do (11:27)
  • How cognitive load relates to gratitude and saving money (12:19)
  • Your game plan is to get more money in your bank account (20:42)


So now it’s time for me to ask you... which aspect of your life will you start with first?

I’m here to be your gratitude coach and mentor, and I’m super excited to be on this journey with you. If anything I said resonates with you, hit me up on Insta - Let’s connect more!


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Take the Quiz - How Much Gratitude and Grit Do You Have?

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