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Episode 11: Breaking Out of the Grumpy Worrier Trap

Oct 31, 2022


You might be stuck in the Grumpy Worrier trap, and you don't even know it. Today's episode will be compelling for you if you have been dealing with the side effects of cancer or autoimmune disease for more than 3 months and have felt… well… a wee bit grumpy. It's time to break out of the Grumpy Worrier trap and get off the gratitude list treadmill. So how do we fix it? 


Today, I will go even deeper than I have in the past. So tune in to learn 4 ways to break out of the Grumpy Worrier trap, why we're flipping gratitude upside down to get there, and what you need to be doing instead! 


Highlights from today's episode: 

  • Defining a grumpy worrier (1:14) 
  • The emotions of a grumpy worrier (1:52) 
  • An analogy of learning the lay of the land after a diagnosis (3:17) 
  • Introducing the Gratitude List Treadmill (6:06) 
  • The first step to moving forward with gratitude practices (11:41) 
  • Incorporating your faith and spirituality into your gratitude practices (11:56) 
  • Breaking out of the trap with one daily habit (13:19) 
  • Crush the grumpy worrier with writing and journaling (14:47) 
  • Making small changes to win every day (17:51) 


I hope this episode has helped pull you out of the sludge, and you can utilize these 4 ways to break out of the Grumpy Worrier trap. I know it's hard. I know it feels like you're in this hole, and no one wants to help you get out. I am here as your coach and mentor, but you have to commit to making those first steps. If you're serious about breaking out of the grumpy warrior trap, it's time for you to decide the direction in your life.  


If anything I said resonates with you, I'd love for you to join me in my free webinar, Navigating Difficult Times.  

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Take the Quiz - How Much Gratitude and Grit Do You Have?

On the web - Fortitude.Academy 

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