Welcome to meditation for people who want the life-changing benefits in half the time and without clearing your mind or sitting in an awkward position.

If you have tried meditation and monkey mind always takes over, or if you haven't seen tangible results, it's time to ditch the old way of meditating. The 6 Phase Meditation Method was designed for people who want an effective and more modern approach to meditation.

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Increase employee retention and productivity with happier, healthier employees through the 6 Phase Meditation Method. Training can be conducted either in person or via Zoom.



Are you ready to take bold action which produces impactful results? If you want to experience a deeper and more profound transformation, then a 6 Phase Meditation coaching package may be right for you!


Becoming the BEST You. 


The 6 Phase Meditation is a revolutionary meditation protocol designed by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani.


What you get is the most impactful and easy-to-use meditation method available today.


In just minutes a day, the 6 Phase Meditation profoundly transforms how you think, perform, grow, heal, and shape the world around you.

And since its invention in 2013, it has become the go-to transcendent practice for millions worldwide: including US Open champions, Grammy Award-winning artists, NFL and NBA athletes, and countless other top performers.

Work with 6 Phase trained facilitator Holly Bertone, either with 1-on-1 coaching, or through corporate consulting and training.

A brief overview of the 6 Phase Meditation:


Phase 1: Love & Compassion

We begin by activating deep love and connection. This is a hugely powerful tool, because you won’t just level up your connection with yourself - but with others and even the world at large. You will become a naturally kinder, nicer human being.


Phase 2: Happiness & Gratitude

The secret to happiness is gratitude. You will create space for limitless joy - along with far greater resistance to anxiety, negative thought patterns, and all feelings of lack. You’ll even sleep better, and wake up every day with an abundance of uplifting energy.


Phase 3: Peace & Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a superpower. You will feel a huge weight being taken off your shoulders, as you embrace the freedom to move on with life as a bigger, better, more resilient person. The added beauty of forgiveness and the peace it brings is you also experience a glow-up in your health, your emotional bliss, and your resilience in rising above life’s challenges.


Phase 4: Envisioning Your Future

It’s hugely energizing to have a clear vision pulling you forward, rather than letting the ebbs and flows of life dictate your destiny. You will envision, create, and fine-tune your life vision and your goals, so you’re primed to start living life on your terms and nobody else’s.


Phase 5: Your Perfect Day

Consciously design your day and, in turn, your life. By learning to harness your brain’s reticular activating system, you’ll be primed to anticipate the opportunities, outcomes, and solutions you want to be surrounded by - so the concept of a ‘bad day’ quickly becomes a thing of the past.


Phase 6: Support & Blessing

Expand your consciousness outwards and connect to your Higher Power. By connecting to your personal religion, faith, or spiritual practice, you’ll learn how to call on this Higher Power to feel unshakably supported, connected, and accompanied as you experience life in all its beauty as you reach for your goals.

About Holly Bertone, PMP, CNHP

Gratitude + Mindset Coach ~ Podcast Host ~ Best Selling Author

Holly Bertone is a Certified 6 Phase Meditation Facilitator, Certified Natural Health Coach, #1 Amazon bestselling author, and host of the Gratitude Builds Fortitude Podcast.

Holly spent 25 years rising through the ranks of consulting and federal government service at Booz Allen Hamilton and the FBI before a breast cancer and autoimmune diagnosis created an opportunity to shift her passion and purpose. These days, she is known as the transformative Coach who turns Grumpy Worriers into Grateful Warriors.

She has been featured on over 200 TV and radio segments, articles, podcasts, and summits, including the Dr. Nandi Show, The Huffington Post, Coping with Cancer, and WUSA TV9. 


✅ Certified 6 Phase Meditation Facilitator

✅ Certified Natural Health Coach

✅ Certified Holobody Wellness Coach

✅ Project Management Professional

 Founder of Pink Fortitude and Fortitude.Academy

✅ Amazon bestselling author of Thriving in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease

Holly has worked with these clients in various capacities:


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